Giannis Kothonidis

Giannis was born in Kavala, Greece during August 1993. He literally grew up in the sea as his house was only some meters away from the beach. He learnt how to swim from a very young age. From the age of 10 till his 20s he was competing in swimming events at a national level. When he stopped, he immediately switched to free-diving training. The last 9 years he has broken more than 13 National Records in pool and depth disciplines.  He took part in 2 Apnea World Championships where he qualified for the finals and was ranked 4th and 5th in the world. Some of his performances include: 295m dynamic apnea with monofin (DYN), 204m dynamic apnea without fins (DNF) and 75m in constant weights without fins (CNF). Giannis also practices spearfishing occasionally. In 2018, he decided to turn professional and became an AIDA free-diving Instructor. In 2022 he also got certified as an SSI Freediving Instructor. Now he loves to share his knowledge and educate people who want to discover this wonderful activity.