Over the past 2 years Giannis " Iron lung" has guided me in my freediving experience beyond my expectations! Having been spearfishing for 16 years he has introduced me to this magical world of freediving! Marialena & Gianni’s amazing support and training programs have offered me so much! Most importantly I have never met such honest and passionate people for what they do! Thank you guys!
Simon Sweetman
I took a 3nd level course with Giannis during the autumn of 2020. Until then I hadn’t been below 30 meters in the sea. During the course I managed to achieve the performance of 35+ meters multiple times without even pushing myself. Giannis helped me to improve my equalization and made it more effective. We also worked in the relaxation phase before the dive. The result was longer dive time(s) and less lactic acid in my legs even after deep dives.
Panagiotis Migotzidis
That was a wonderful experience for JB and me. You were very professional, with concrete examples and advices to improve. We felt well accompanied by you and Marianela, 2 nice and good free diving teachers. We hope to see you again maybe in Athens one day!
Ornella & Jean
I took the 2nd level course with Marialena and Giannis and since then I really enjoy every single dive, something that wasn’t the case before the course. Now I am more relaxed but most importantly I have all that knowledge to keep me and my buddy safe during our spearfishing trips. Thank you guys!
Nikos Poimenidis
I was free-diving for many years without ever taking a free-diving course. When I met Giannis for the 2nd Level. I regretted the fact that I hadn’t taken this decision earlier. Giannis is characterized by great knowledge about free-diving and a unique ability to transfer this knowledge to his students. Now I feel much safer and comfortable under water!
Giannis Papanikolaou
My boyfriend and I took the second AIDA course with Giannis and Marialena in Santorini. It was absolutely fantastic! Giannis and Marialena were amazing teachers and coaches: extremely competent, dedicated and funny. Their experience and competitive results in free diving are impressive and you will not find someone more qualified and passionate than them. We can’t wait to do level 3 with this team.
I was free-diving (spearfishing) for many years and every time I was facing the same problems (equalization & short dive times). When Giannis and Marialena announced their first school I was one of the first to book my place. Since then, everything changed just by applying into my diving simple things that I learned during the course. These guys are incredible at what they do and I look forward to take the 3nd level course with them. Thank you for everything!
Bari Bandak
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