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The ‘Iron Lung’ free diving school was created by the love and passion for the sea, the water, the underwater world and of course for diving….on a single breath!

Our main goal is to satisfy even the most demanding students and fulfill their goals - no matter how high they are. The ability to transfer our knowledge during the academic presentations and the complete devotion to each student during the practical part, are the keys to success!

As ex-swimmers, swimming coaches and freediving athletes & instructors the members of the Iron Lung team have literally spend most of their lives IN the water.

Large experience in all levels of free diving (from competitive to recreational level).

Deep knowledge of the  human body physiology with academic studies on related fields.

Freediving Training Programs curated by elite Freediving athletes & Sports Science experts.


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Giannis Kothonidis

Giannis is an AIDA Free Diving Instructor and Iron Lung Freediving School Founder.

Marialena Sofroniou

Marialena is an Assistant Free Diving Instructor and Iron Lung Freediving School Founder.

Paulos Kothonidis

Pavlos is responsible for the design of Free Diving training programs offered by our school.