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Freediving Courses

Level 1:
If you have never tried free diving before, this course will give you the opportunity to enter a whole new world!
You will learn the basics of free diving and under our supervision you will explore the underwater world in the most natural way - with one breath!
In addition, you will gain new knowledge about the physiology of your body and your breathing and you will be trained in the basic free-diving rescue techniques.

Level 2:
It is aimed at beginner free divers who want to receive all the necessary knowledge but also to acquire all those skills that will help them dive better, deeper and with greater safety.
During this course, the student comes in contact with all the basic principles that govern free diving: physiology of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, mechanics of breathing, elements of physics (e.g.laws of gases), breathing techniques, relaxation methods, different ways of equalization, free diving equipment, free diving techniques, rescue scenarios in free diving etc.

Level 3:
Level 3 is for more experienced free divers / spearfishermen who want to go one step further and enhance their free diving performance.
After perfecting all the skills acquired during the 2nd level, the students of the 3rd level come in contact with more advanced techniques (freefall, advanced frenzel equalization etc) with elements of training (Hypercapnic and hypoxic training) and nutrition for free diving as well as with more advanced free diving equipment.